Little things cut both ways

More than a year later since my last post to my blog and my drafts folder is littered with various abandoned posts. I start with good intentions of finally writing something then after a few paragraphs of content I think “is it really interesting? Does anyone really care? Who the heck am I even writing for? … *shrug*”.

The only problem with not being prolific is that that you have less value in a little compared to hacking away at a load of garbage until you can finally revise, edit then finally cobble something together that’s substantial and coherent enough to finally hit “Publish”.

My approach to life in general is never so much “boil the ocean”, rather more along the lines of “work smarter, not harder”. This is why I have thought so much about how little yet often habits like writing, exercise, work and a number of other many things can all have such a major impact if only I can just maintain them. I want to be a runner, an archer, a fighter, an adventurer, a speaker, a cook, a better programmer, a mogul (or at least mildly noteworthy) … so many things I want to do and they clash and some things I manage to do more than others. They still are being consolidated.

While I wasn’t writing much I was at least managing to read more (got to make time somehow) and I read one book in particular called The Slight Edge which, long story short, is about the power of habits and how they can compound over time to make something major out of small yet prolific actions. To use diet as an example, something like exercise or eating healthily is easy to do and also easy not to do. The one time you do or don’t do something wont really affect much, but over time if you can keep doing something frequently it can be the difference between either building a fortress brick by brick or death by a thousand cuts.

Either way I don’t expect many people will ever read my blog and whatever I write here is easy to do and easy not to do. There’s got to be more value in consistently adding some value rather than not though, so this is where I hold myself publicly accountable to write more frequently about maybe something relevant or meandering and off topic.

Perfect or not, here goes!

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