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How to save time formatting in Word by using styles

Whether you use Google Docs, Libre Office Writer, Abi Word, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages …. whatever it is, you can save so much time (not to mention your sanity) if you use preset styles. Lets assume for example that you want every heading to be red. The long way of doing this is to select every […]

Little things cut both ways

More than a year later since my last post to my blog and my drafts folder is littered with various abandoned posts. I start with good intentions of finally writing something then after a few paragraphs of content I think “is it really interesting? Does anyone really care? Who the heck am I even writing for? … *shrug*”. […]

Why you should learn to touch type

I see too many people “hunt and peck” the keyboard when they type. For someone like me who has learned to touch type it’s painful to watch to a point where you feel like pushing them aside and just typing for them. There are many advantages to touch typing and is a skill I think everyone […]