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The goal is not the aim

Bruce Lee put it pretty well: A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. In my past I got interested in archery. Aiming for the centre of the target sounds simple but I wouldn’t hit it most the time and even a lot of experienced […]

Writing with fountain pens

A recent trip to the Birmingham pen museum has got me hooked on fountain pens. Maybe now I’m 31 (at the time of writing) I’m at a time of my life where I start to notice more the small details of the everyday things I use. I’ve written before about why I carry a notebook and […]

Are You An Expert?

Being an expert isn’t telling other people what you know. It’s understanding what questions to ask, and flexibly applying your knowledge to the specific situation at hand. Being an expert means providing sensible, highly contextual direction. via Are You An Expert?.