Over the years I have been developing websites and systems for a variety of both personal and commercial projects.

I am gradually documenting these here with the intent of basically explaining what I’ve done and my thought process behind them, without being too technical about things like technology or algorithms.

URL (web address) shortener

Not being happy with existing options I decided to make my own URL shortener. This makes a long web address into a short web address which has a number of advantages.

Stock inventory management system

I have developed a stock system that helps retailers keep track of what they have in stock available for sale.

Aside from keeping a record of what is stocked, it also integrates with Amazon in addition e-commerce websites built using OpenCart.

The base system I built from the ground up and I also managed development of integrations for Amazon and OpenCart.

You can also get low stock reminders sent by email which I provided for a print business to help them manage their supplies.

The Great Shows – podcast hosting, distribution and production

I started my first podcast called Bonfire Banter with a friend of mine, where we talk about a variety of topics related to his craft print business Bonfire Cherry.

Putting content on a website for people to download sounds simple, but streaming audio content can be very expensive and getting it syndcated in places such as iTunes for example requires technical knowledge.

The website is built on WordPress and the content is hosted using Google Cloud Services which helps significantly reduce costs of streaming content. This is why it is used by comopanies such as Pandora, because most types of traditional web hosting services will have either limited bandwidth or fair use rules which wouldn’t cover the needs of a podcast delivery service without lots of cost.

Updating an episode list for services like iTunes is done using a system I built myself. This simplifies the process of providing all the relevant content so I can easily post new episodes without having to mess about with code or copy/paste the same bits of information in every time.

Content audit system

Particuarly if you post a lot of content ensuring everything is kept up to date and still relevant can be difficult to manage.

This is why I have develpped a system for both WordPress and OpenCart that sends email reminders every quarter, so you can either tick it off to review next quarter or you can mark it for review. You can even delete the relevant post using the system too.