Bespoke development – building custom web applications

I have been coding for more than a decade and have built a variety of software tools and applications. Whatever your needs I can help you find a solution to setup or make it myself if it doesn’t already exist.

Software automation

Spending less time on repetitive tasks is not just optional but now critical if you want to be competitive and maximise your bottom line. The job to be done with software automation is stop data being siloed, get your applications or web services talking to each other and reduce the number of steps necessary to get your work done.

One example of this can be posting one piece of content that without further interaction is automatically distributed to social media platforms, your website and even your email newsletter.

Some of the main areas I work with include:

  • Marketing automation: some examples include automating posting content to a variety of platforms, improving follower engagement, moving customer data into your system, or messages to your customers based on certain conditions.
  • Data scraping: doing research can require hours of laboriously finding the data you need then copy/pasting it into a database. I can help you achieve this in a much smaller space of time in addition to ensuring it’s the best quality possible.
  • Data processing: do you have a lot of data that needs to be somehow sanitised or organised? I can set up a system to help you process large sets of data in a matter of seconds that could otherwise take days.
  • Workflow automation: does your work require a lot of repetitive steps? It’s most likely you can automate it to reduce the amount of work necessary to make it happen.

Web application development

Whatever you need your web application to do I have developed a variety of different types over the years, ranging from very simple to more advanced. These usually involve all my programming and software automation knowledge coming together to create a perfect symphony of a systems working to provide you with a web application that works well and is easy to use.

Sample web applications built

Need help with bespoke development or software automation?