The goal is not the aim

Bruce Lee put it pretty well: A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. In my past I got interested in archery. Aiming for the centre of the target sounds simple but I wouldn’t hit it most the time and even a lot of experienced […]

How to create a Chrome application out of any website

Making a Chrome application is something I kind of have a basic idea of since they seem to use basic web technology I’m already familar with, although I don’t have experience of making them. So since I needed to make one for a stock management system I did some research and found a fantastic online […]

How to save time formatting in Word by using styles

Whether you use Google Docs, Libre Office Writer, Abi Word, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages …. whatever it is, you can┬ásave so much time (not to mention your sanity) if you use preset styles. Lets assume for example that you want every heading to be red. The long way of doing this is to select every […]