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Translucent tape tutorial with GIMP

A photo of Ayumi Hamasaki taped to some wood board, demonstrating a possible outcome in GIMP

A nice simple technique for making translucent tape. This technique is probably easier then it looks, as most of it really just involves basic techniques. For this tutorial I have made a couple of brushes you can download here. Base image First step is to create a new transparent image. It can be any size, […]

Grunge Brush Tutorial for GIMP


One tool graphic artists find useful is the brush tool. This is because it can be used to apply various effects to an image with little effort, as well as save on the time it would normally take to apply such an effect otherwise. This simple tutorial will explain how to make a grunge brush […]

Create a glow effect in GIMP

GIMP glow effects

Any graphics artist must know how to use basic tools to create different effects. What this tutorial will aim to do, is show you how to create a glowing effect by using the selection tools that come with GIMP. To follow this tutorial, it will help if you have GIMP installed which you can find […]