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I organise and map screws with a sheet of paper

Most have to do this sooner or later, where we take something apart and have to remember where the screws go. While looking at a family members laptop I stumbled across a way of keeping my screws organised while mapping them to the device I’m dismantling. Yes, I considered other methods like using pill boxes, but […]

How to randomise the order of paragraphs with PHP

One part of launching new websites which offer pretty much the same products and services is rewriting content so that it doesn’t appear to be a direct copy of exiting websites. To help me rewrite articles, I find it helps me to randomise the order of key selling points so I can focus on rewriting them rather […]

Translucent tape tutorial with GIMP

A photo of Ayumi Hamasaki taped to some wood board, demonstrating a possible outcome in GIMP

A nice simple technique for making translucent tape. This technique is probably easier then it looks, as most of it really just involves basic techniques. For this tutorial I have made a couple of brushes you can download here. Base image First step is to create a new transparent image. It can be any size, […]