Google Chrome browser extensions I can’t live without!

Chrome Extensions

Well perhaps I could live without these if I really had to, but it makes life a heck of a lot easier with these rather then without.

Your mileage may vary with these extensions, but for myself they are a necessity.

Copy Link Name

Copy Link Name

Why copy a link name? Well is saves awkwardly dragging and dropping your mouse cursor to select the text. In my case for example I might want to add the link name to a list of things to look at later, or maybe I need to copy a product name to help me shop around online for a better deal.

It’s a very simple extension which means easier on your precious system resources since it just adds a menu item when you right click on a link (or Cmd click if you’re on a Mac).

Get Copy Link Name extension here.


Save computer memory (RAM) and organise your open tabs somewhere for later use.

Basically you click the OneTab icon to send all your open tabs to a OneTab list, but you can also just send the current tab there or even all tabs except the current one.

Get OneTab extension here.


Web browsers like Google Chrome already can save and sync passwords, so why do you need an extension to save your passwords for you? You don’t, but for me I like LastPass because I can set profiles which allow me to separate passwords I need for work and home use, so for example I wont have people at work able to snoop around things like email for example if I want them to access the work passwords I have.

I can’t do it justice, but there’s also more to LastPass then saving passwords, such as two factor authentication, generating secure passwords so they’re not easy (or impossible) to guess,

Your passwords are also safe even if someone did get access to them, because not only are they securely stored and encrypted by LastPass on the server side, but they are also encrypted and stored locally, so they’re not unlocked until they are sent from the server to your device when you enter your master password.

LastPass will tell you how secure your password is, but if you’re not convinced on why you need a secure password then try typing it in (preferably a similar made up one if you’re paranoid) at to see how long it could take for your password to be cracked.

Get LastPass browser extension.

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