Do you carry a notebook?

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There are a lot of good reasons to carry a pocket notebook, which in recent years I notice more of the cool kids are doing. I would go as far as say it’s become a bit of a fetish.

I’m mostly digital orientated, although I’m still a fan of analogue tools because I feel like I have a different sort of relationship with paper compared to a keyboard or screen.

Even though I use tools like Evernote on my phone there’s still practical reasons to carry a notebook.

Why do I carry a notebook?

  • I can’t always rely on a full phone battery
  • it’s usually easier and faster to write down a phone number when on a phone call
  • aides being alone with your thoughts, because a phone fills your time with noise and forces you to be reactive to other people, while a notebook provides you with time to think and reflect on what you’re writing
  • a notebook will map your way to success, which is many simple things the majority won’t do, don’t like to do, or can’t find the time to do
  • considering many successful people ranging from American presidents, to Richard Branson to Eminem are known to carry a notebook, perhaps they are on to something?

What about you?

Do you use a notebook? Why do you carry a notebook? How do you use it?

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