Why you should learn to touch type

I see too many people “hunt and peck” the keyboard when they type. For someone like me who has learned to touch type it’s painful to watch to a point where you feel like pushing them aside and just typing for them. There are many advantages to touch typing and is a skill I think everyone […]

Google Chrome browser extensions I can’t live without!

Chrome Extensions

Well perhaps I could live without these if I really had to, but it makes life a heck of a lot easier with these rather then without. Your mileage may vary with these extensions, but for myself they are a necessity. Copy Link Name Why copy a link name? Well is saves awkwardly dragging and dropping your […]

I organise and map screws with a sheet of paper

Most have to do this sooner or later, where we take something apart and have to remember where the screws go. While looking at a family members laptop I stumbled across a way of keeping my screws organised while mapping them to the device I’m dismantling. Yes, I considered other methods like using pill boxes, but […]