Dene Gibson

Why you should journal

Something I didn’t understand the value of in the past was journalling. In recent years however I’ve increasingly seen the benefits of using writing as a way of connecting the dots with difficult challenges within both my professional and personal life. The catharsis you can experience is well understood and documented by a lot of […]

Why your emails get sent to spam

Lately I’ve been noticing it’s harder not to find marketing emails classified as spam, or even miscategorised based on email providers trying to manage email in increasingly complex ways.

There are some obvious reasons for getting your email stuck in the spam folder, but here are some more overlooked ways you might find that happening.

The goal is not the aim

Bruce Lee put it pretty well: A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. In my past I got interested in archery. Aiming for the centre of the target sounds simple but I wouldn’t hit it most the time and even a lot of experienced […]