Brochure website design

A brochure type of website can range from a simple one page website to a more complex one with hundreds of pages and assets.

Most the time these are the kind of websites used by service providers who don’t need to sell things directly through their website and instead you would usually have to phone or email to proceed further with their services. Or who have a business plan that involves use of landing pages (so for example might get traffic from PPC or referrals).

Benefits of a brochure website

A brochure website can be a good choice if you:

  • have a small budget but want to establish an online presence as a starting point towards further monetising your website in the future
  • need to list a limited amount of information which is subject to change (e.g.: an artist might sell limited editions of artwork for sale or an estate agent might have a number of properties listed they need to update as they become available or let)
  • have a business model that relies on PPC, word of mouth or referrals from local search within a small area
  • don’t need much beyond a price list and maybe an appointments booking system
  • want the website to do what it says on the tin – be a brochure for your business to help showcase your services and build trust as a credible business

What kind of businesses can benefit from a brochure website

Some examples of businesses that can benefit from a brochure website include:

  • Beautician, hair salon or similar
  • An estate agent
  • Photographer
  • Restaurant/takeaway
  • Designer
  • Model
  • Job seeker