The goal is not the aim

Bruce Lee put it pretty well:

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

In my past I got interested in archery. Aiming for the centre of the target sounds simple but I wouldn’t hit it most the time and even a lot of experienced archers wont manage to do it every time. This is okay because even if you miss the centre you can work on getting your arrows closer around the centre more tightly grouped since you’ll improve over time until eventually you can start consistently hitting the centre with a smaller declining margin for error. More importantly, if they’re more tightly grouped it shows you’re managing to shoot more consistently straighter. So in this case the centre of the target serves simply as something to aim at while you practise getting better at shooting your arrows closer to the centre. You get a little better with practise and iterating how you tune your bow over time will eventually get you to a point of being a pro if you are patient enough.

Yes, it is cliche to say life is not a destination but rather a journey. It is true however, that if your life ambition is to arrive at a certain point then what next? There will always be life goals to achieve and most people don’t achieve all of them. Which is okay. Discontentment can drive progression, which is better then letting contentment drive stagnation. It doesn’t even have to be about more, just change alone can do a lot of good.

Change can be scary. Adapting to it as it happens is easier than ignoring it until you’ve missed the boat, which I’ve seen happen as much in business as I have people’s personal lives, including my own.

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