As a freelance consultant I offer a personal service tailored to meet the demands of SMB's within a wide range of industries, ranging from consumer goods to B2B.

Free advice

The problem with an idea is that just about every business owner will possess many but not always know what to do with them until they are willing to invest the time and money into trying it out.

I offer 15 minutes of telephone consulting for free to help you determine how to move your idea forward, whether it is to help establish a more prominent position online, streamlining a business process or coming up with the next big web applicaton.

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Please note that callback is subject to availability. Also note that if you select the same or next working day then your consultation may roll over to the following week.

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Email marketing service

Manage mailing lists and send email for as little as 0.001p. Email me to get set up.

Some key features include:

  • White label service - I don't force advertising on your emails so your customers can focus on your email newsletter
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) email newsletter editor
  • Manage large email lists
  • Automated subscriber management - subscribing and unsubscribing all handled automatically
  • See stats on campaign performance (opens, clicks, location)
  • Save email templates for reuse
  • Optionally use Google Analytics for greater detail on performance
  • Huge savings compared to other email marketing providers

Some pricing options for sending unlimited emails include:

£0.001 pence an email (Pay & Go)
For example, send 10 emails for £0.01p
£9 a month (Bronze)
up to 2,000 subscribers
£15 a month (Silver)
up to 5,000 subscribers
£26 a month (Gold)
up to 10,000 subscribers
£49 a month (Platinum)
up to 20,000 subscribers
£95 a month (Diamond)
up to 50,000 subscribers

Need to send more email? Please contact me with your requirements for a quotation.

Project management

I am available to manage all digital projects subject to quotation.

Please email me with your requirements for more information.